Summer Butik

Address: Stenserud 41, Gräsmark
Or opening on request – send us a message


Thanks for finding us here, let me introduce you to a deeper insight into what we work with, we are much more than only another clothing shop or a printing company.


Design, quality & environmental-friendly are always the core values for STUDIO MARK & JIMENA. Below the standards, we rather not bother it, because our clothing should last.


Less inventory, less waste! Therefore, we usually take 7 – 10 days for delivery, if you have questions about the delivery time, contact us and we will help you further. Thank you for being able to wait for orders, we do that together to contribute to a better environment.


Only eco and/or recycled materials are used for our clothing, which are able to be recycled later and have lesser impacts to our environment during the production. The ultimate win-win strategy for farmers, nature, you and me!Less stock / less waste is the best choice for environmental responsibility, meanwhile, we promise to always work for a good balance between the delivery time.


Unisex in regular fits are the dominant style with our collection. It gives the flexibility to fit for all forms. We are continuing to expand the whole collection which suits from babies to adults, so why not take a look if you may create your own family collection?!
In the perspective of social responsibility, all our clothing is listed as FairWear, also PETA-Approved Vegan, the standard about cruelty free of animals. All creatures are worthy of respectful living as we believe.


No matter who you are, where you are from, we could create the design for you for a better expression of yourself, because of us the designer and the printer. We live in the forest of Värmland, inspired by the Scandinavia designs brought to you by us with some exclusive designs in Värmland style.

Custom-made orders are both welcome from personnel and companies. Contact us, speak your minds out!

Every piece of our clothing is cared for by sustainable concerns from the dedicated selection, our passions of designing for the locals and societies. Caring is sharing!

We are looking forward to seeing you in our clothing!