Studio Mark & Jimena

We started with our gallery shop Jimena Concept Store in Sunne Central in 2019 and moved to our barn next o our house in the summer of 2020. We focus on Mark’s art photography and our own clothing line “Studio Mark & Jimena”. A great part of that collection you find in our webshop but special sales/samples sales you can only find with us in Gräsmark.
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Come and visit us at Stenserud 41 in. Gräsmark. We open in May till the end of September every Saturday from 12:00 till 16:00.
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JIMENA, Swedish Hongkonger, is fascinated with Japanese art & design aesthetics, and also appreciates the Scandinavia “Lagom” – the concept of balance and moderation.
She was educated as a business marketer in Australia then worked in different types of global companies for about 10 years afterwards. International travels for her career or leisure, which definitely widen the horizon and strengthen her independence of life.
In her late years in Sweden, her creativity was raised by her handcrafts with different materials, originally for her children. She chose to study full-time graphic design with a major in packaging design when she became a mother of two. All 3 satisfactory results (with 2 scholarships) of internships in sizable packaging consultancy and award-winning design studios wherein Malmö, Japan and The Netherlands, all are remarkable lessons for her design creativity and professionalism.
In 2019, “Sagolika Sunne graphical series” was Jimena’s first debut of her own project. The series was acquired by Sunne Municipality as a permanent collection, which is exhibited at the Cultural & Business Development office inside of the Sunne library.
Jimena is continuing to develop and work on her marketing and design professionals to her clothing business at Studio Mark & Jimena, with her husband, Mark . She also works as a graphic design freelancer and consultant for her selected projects.
“Less is more” & “Life is an adventure” are her life’s motto.
“Less is more” is always the greater way to act neatly and precisely while life is sometimes pleasant, sometimes tedious, this is the expression of “everything is possible”.


Mark van den Heuvel (Geldrop, The Netherlands, 1982) was raised in the wonderful city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
After turbulent school years, Mark worked as a sound engineer and tour & stage manager for national and international events. Ten years later he started his second career in the telecom business where he quickly reached the position of regional manager at a large international company.
In 2016 Mark’s job is on a dead end.
Commercial business does not give him the satisfaction and freedom he finds in his great passion: fine art photography. He decides to quit his job and continues as a freelance photographer.
At the end of 2016 Mark releases his first photo production: ‘Alienation’. This production is soon recognised by a local art gallery. This cooperation is very successful. His debut, “The Ego Has Landed” and the polaroid series with the old film are sold out rapidly.
In 2017, two unique photographs made by Mark are added to the collection of the Hieronymus Bosch House 2017 as a private collection. These can still be seen in the former house and studio of artist Hieronymus Bosch.
In the beginning of 2021, “Stadhuis II” x 2 are added to the collections of Karlskoga Kommun & Konstenheten of Region Värmland, Sweden.